As I sit behind my desk and watch this hour glass

It has just occured to me that one full year has passed.

I have not stepped foot in church, my life an utter mess,

Satan dances on my roof, his 2 step is the best.

Missing all the fellowship from being with the saints,

Now I make my excuses, the “why’s”, the “wont’s” and “cant’s”.

Use to see my church sisters as sisters in the Lord,

Now my twisted mind sees some as sex on my house floor.

Church was once my only rock, now there’s no place to run,

Hell is screaming out my name while Satan calls me son.

Vissions of my end is near, they’re coming very faster,

I just need a worrd from God, please pray for me dear pastor.

Maybe its the child in me, I never had a dad,

Died 6 months before my birth, some folks have said, “That’s sad.”

Momma turns her back on me, been like this all my life,

If we speak for 3 minutes, its going to be some strife.

This is why the church to me was all I ever had,

This is why you saw the goofy side that was so glad.

Now I’ve been away one year, my heart is torn a bit,

Even though I’m very calm, I know my soul is sick.

Who can I turn to for help and cry away the pain?

Lead me God back to the Rock, the One in which was slain.

Visions of my end is near, they’re coming very faster,

I just need a word from God, please pray for me dear pastor.


By Larry Nelson.

Please look out for my next book:  For Virtuous Women Only 3….The Testimonies.

God bless you and keep me in your prayers.


Off And Running


For 2014, my focus is on soul improvement rather than self improvement.  I’ve spent so many years trying to be the purest of people.  The greatest of friends and Mr. You-Can-Depend-On-Me.  That mentality is left in 2013. 

I will focus more so on my soul and God first.  With that in mind, everything else will fall into place.  Much bible reading, writing, exercising and prayer will set the tone for my 2014.  Yes, MY 2014. 

I pray to be a better man and father in 2014 than I was in 2013.  I pray to be quick to hear and slow to speak more in 2014 than I was in 2013.  Resolutions are great, but a soul focus with a mind to better yourself internally is even greater.

Knowing how I pray today affects my tomorrow motivates me to reach higher, dig deeper and climb further. 

You belong to me 2014.  You’re mine…..!

Until next time blogger family.
Larry Nelson