Since I published my first book, all HELL has broken loose in my life.  Women who NEVER chatted or even paid me any attention, all of a sudden began to “come around” and desired friendship in the simplest terms.  My closest family members would somehow think selling over 4,000 books by hand (at $10 dollars each) made me an overnight millionaire.  I’ve had some ask me for HUGE loans.  I’ve had my very mother speak on how she felt I “owed her something” from it all.  Topping it off, I’ve been ostrasized from the one place I felt love every Sunday. 

Well, now its time to get my focus back and get moving for 2014.  In this time, I want to go back to my church and be a blessing to my pastor, not a rumor.  I want my family to see me as regular old Larry Nelson, and not an ATM machine.  I want the simple life.  What blows my mind is my first book (I now have 3) is titled FOR VIRTUOUS WOMEN ONLY.  You’d think from how most women came at me the title was LEMME DO YOU!  Yet through it all, I’ve come to realize how good God is to me.  His mercy endures forever and ever! 

As I implement Plan X in my life and prepare for 2014, I ask all who read my blog to keep me in your prayers.  I too feel pain.  I know what its like to want to hear from the brothers of my church and my phone never rings.  I know what its like to sell a few books and sex is handed to you for the asking.  (I’ve passed many and failed some).  What I do want now is to plug in to my church, be a helper to my pastor and just go back to the plain old fat boy, goofy Larry Nelson that no one even notice.  This Larry was just happy to be a part of the crowd of believers. 

I pray that Larry comes forth in 2014.

Keep me in your prayers as I go towards a blessed and prosperous future. 

Larry Nelson


For Virtuous Women Only 3…..The Testimonies will be available December, 2013.



  1. I don’t envy you one bit. Where you’re headed is not for the faint of heart. You will need to hold on to God like never before. People think that it’s the bad times that try mens’ souls but it’s actually the good times. It’s easy to say we’ll hold on to God when we don’t have anything and there’s nothing else to hold on to. It’s much harder when our needs are met and we start careening towards the world’s definition of success. When our dreams come true it is only humility in complete reliance on the Lord that will keep our character in tact. I pray that you will hold on to everything you’ve learned in these years leading up to this point in your life and that God will send you male mentors of integrity to help you with accountability and to be examples on how to walk in the next season of your life. You owe no man anything but the debt of love. However the Holy Spirit leads you to manifest that is between you and your Father. This is the season where you where learn to draw your boundaries. It will be a great thing but not an easy one. You have Christ so He will always be ever close to you to give you strength. Be at peace and walk in your destiny.

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