Dad, I met the perfect man who treats me like a Queen,

We met at a church function where Kirk Franklin did sing.

He will be the very son you’ve always wish you had,

When you meet him you will see why my heart is so glad.

But, there is one little glitch that I must tell you first,

Please don’t take what I tell you and see him for the worse.

All my friends, they love him so, and all their kids do too,

He loves God with all his heart, I know this to be true.

Even helps me in my yard and takes the trash outside,

Leads the Bible Study prayer without shame, guilt or pride.

Dad, I hope you don’t judge him and think he is a slob,

He is just down on his luck; he cannot keep a job.

He worked at the McDonalds, but one day said God spoke:

“This is so beneath you son, it really is a joke.”

At that point, he left his job, said, “God supplies my needs!”

“I wont work for any man to harbor worldly things!”

Yes, I pay the dinner tabs when we go out to eat,

Yes, I pray the movie dates, the ones he find so neat.

I know that his heart is pure, and God will make a way,

I believe in his vision, so this is what I say:

I don’t mind the money strain, he has on my check book,

Things will change when we marry, I see it in his look.

Dad, I hope you don’t judge him and see him as a slob,

He is just down on his luck, he cannot keep a job!


Please keep me in your prayers at night……..thanks.




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