He walked inside the church house, his eyes were full of fire,

He did not seek the Lord today, a church girls’ his desire.

His every hair was perfect, his suit was ‘casket sharp.’

He had the bible in his hand to play the Christian part.

His cologne smelled so blissful, Obsession was its name,

All he had to do is find someone to play his game.

He sat up by the last pew, the choir began to sing,

He notice that the lead singer didn’t have a wedding ring.

The pastor preached his heart out, and soon service dismissed,

Announcer said, “Please greet someone with a hug and a kiss.”

He saw her and moved closer, his eyes a wicked stare,

The things he had in store for her was like a PREDATOR!

They hugged and then he told her, “Your solo was so sweet.”

She’s never had a man in life to sweep her off her feet.

He said, “I’d love to chat more, somewhere and be alone.”

She made the critical mistake, she took him to her home.

She talked about her last boyfriend, the pain was to the core,

He took in every word she said as he stretched on the floor.

She put a DVD in box as he began to speak,

“I’d never treat you like your ex.”  Her knees felt very weak.

He saw how she hung on each word as she stood very still,

He held her tightly in his arms, as he went for the kill.

He took her inside her bedroom, his eyes a wicked stare,

The things he had in store for her was like a PREDATOR!


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