As a security guard in the greater St. Louis area, I tend to run across many types of personalities.  I’ve seen men dressed as women, from wig to makeup all the way down to skirt.  I’ve seen a guy pull up at a gas station with nothing on but a helmet, tennis shoes and swimming trunks………g string version.  You get the point.  But what St. Louis is full of is people who is not ashamed or afraid to beg you for money. 

Now I do realize that we all get down on our luck at times.  Some stories are tear jerkers.  I was close to being one of those people at one time myself.  Not sure if I would have dropped all pride and ask strangers for cash, but that could have been me…..down on my luck, that is.  At White Castles, not far from Busch Stadium is where you’ll meet some of the most creative “askers” you’ll ever meet.  Some of the ways they ask is so creative, it will blow you away.   One guy ask me at around 7am if he could borrow 50 cents to use the pay phone.  Well, obviously no one has pay phones on the streets anymore with the emergence of cell phones.  So I told him he could use my cell phone.  His next response:  “Well, its long distance.”  I told him that I can call anywhere in the U.S. and its no charge.  Then he said, “I was calling my daughter and I didn’t want to wake her up this early.  I was gonna call later.”  I told him, “You don’t want to make a call then” and walked into White Castles.  The point I am making is for every 10 scammers out there, someone will approach who really needs help. 

Jesus said in many instances, GREAT IS YOUR REWARD.  I tend to wonder what would happen if I would put aside my premonitions about “which is the scam” and simply just give a dollar or two?  Jesus said “Give and it SHALL be given unto you…”  Why couldn’t I just give the guy a measly 50 cents for whatever reason he ask and just been done with it?  So much I know, yet so much I have to learn.

A woman in St. Louis was at a bus stop as I was passing by.  Her son, who appeared to be about 7 yrs of age said, “Excuse me, would you like to donate towards my rap career?”  His mother turned away as if she wasn’t paying attention.  I ask him, “Sure, but let me hear you rap.”  He started rapped a few verses and was about average, and ok.  I gave him a dollar bill and said, “Good Luck” and walked away.  If I could go back in time, what I would have done was this:  Listen to his rap, pulled out a $10 dollar bill and said, “You know what?  As smart as you are, you can make millions in college instead.  You can rap on the side too, but until then, focus on that education.” 

I think about Heaven a lot and what awaits us all when the heart stops beating.  I want to be right, whole and acceptable in God’s eyes.  If Jesus said GREAT IS YOUR REWARD, then I need to start doing what He said were the requirements of the GREAT REWARD is. 

To the beggar who ask for the mere 50 cents and I had to grill him instead of giving it to him, I apologize.  I hope to see you again.  I too make errors and want to be right in front of God and man.  Maybe then I can hear Jesus say to Larry Nelson…..GREAT IS YOUR REWARD!

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