Recently, I thought about a well known mega church pastor out of the Atlanta area who was in the media for having sexual relations with 5 young men from his church.  He got in front of the camera and said, “I feel like David, I got my 5 rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.”  A little time later, he settled out of court for untold millions to each of his accusers.  The church world was talking about it everywhere you went, myself included.  The many questions I had were: 

If he is innocent, why settle out of court?  Why couldn’t he have been caught with a female secretary instead of 5 young boys?  Why is the church still supporting him after the fact?  Why don’t his wife divorce and just leave?  Why, why, why??????

Last night as I thought of this preacher and what he was allegedly guilty of, it was as if God put the mirror in my face and ask me:  “What about YOU?”

Immediately I began seeing how I, even though I’ve never been with a man, I am guilty of being with women………countless women.  How can I judge the mega preacher for public accusation when I have been guilty of not being able to control my hormones when alone with a beautiful woman?  Sure, most would call me “normal” in what I did, and definitely not against the law.  But in the eyes of God and as a Christian, I am GUILTY AS CHARGED!  I judged this pastor of “gross sin” with boys at his church (allegedly) when I cannot count on one hand how many times I’ve been to my church without dreaming of a certain woman who probably didn’t even know I exist.   The accusations say that the preacher was in bed with some of the boys in the past, and I’ve been in the bed with women too!  What’s the difference?  Sin is sin. 

I can go on and on about my shortcomings and if my life were to end in this state, I’d be a great candidate for Hell’s fire.  But what I can say is I will never ever judge this pastor again for what I’ve heard about him.  I cannot throw the first stone because I have sin in my life (as with everyone else). 

My job is to pray for him, the alleged victims and his wife and church.  He is my brother in Christ.  The same way I judge and react to his deeds, someone will react the same way to Larry’s deeds. 

God, please forgive me for judging my brother.  May you blot out my sins, forgive me of my many shortcomings and create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.  I’ve blown it so many times that if repenting was a song, I’d have sung more than most humans on Earth.  I cannot judge any man but look in the mirror and see the flaws of he who stares back at me.  God, make me a better man and in the image of you.




11 thoughts on “GUILTY AS CHARGED!

  1. Open, honest and very well said, this should be titled “The Man In The Mirror”, we all have to take moments of reflections into our own hearts,& minds and when we do, and are honest about it, we see how far we are from what God has called us to be, in getting our own selves together to look like him, we will find no room to judge ,or wonder about anyone else’s mess for straightening out our own. Love it Larry, keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. The bible says agree with your advisary quickly….settling outside of court was less painful i am sure and if found guilty wudnt he face jail? I kno sin is sin, but its one thing to sleep with a woman and another thing for a man to have sexual relations with another man let alone a boy, a child. the consequences are different. Not saying its okay to judge, its just worse all the way around. And again it may not even be true. I would not go back to that church if i were a member. Something is corrupt somewhere for that nonsence to take place among the ppl, The Church. God help us all

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