Some time ago, I came up with something that I believe if everyone on Earth would apply these 5 principles to their everyday lives, there would never be any lack in any area of your life.  What are these 5 principles? 

1.  Spiritual

2.  Physical

3.  Attire

4.  Financial

5.  Personality

Ok, now how do I enact these 5 things into my life?  Lets start with spiritual.  In this area, you make it a point to read the bible, go to church and learn from the sermon, watch various sermons online of your pastor and other preachers who are all on one accord.  You continue to do this and build upon it.

Next is physical.  Whether its jogging, weight lifting or diet, you write it down in a journal daily and build upon it to make it better.  Example:  If you walked around the block for 3 weeks, try jogging halfway around the next 3 weeks.  Constantly improve.  Doctors read periodicals on health and medicine.  You can find info about these things on the internet and build on it.  Investing in multi vitamins is a good start. 

Financial is one of my favorites.  You can find various business opportunities that you can incorporate in your life that can bring in financial resources outside of your work check.  For example:  You’re a great cook and everyone seems to love your pies.  Bake pies until you cannot bake any longer.  Discipline yourself to put $2 dollars every day in a piggy bank at your home and NEVER touch it.  There are hundreds of little things you can do in this area that will literally shock the average person. 

I’ve just named a few things in my Plan X strategy, but one thing that you must have in doing any of these things is DISCIPLINE.  I do believe if these 5 things are incorporated in your life, you will not only see drastic changes for the better but your family, friends and the world will see it as well.

Until next time bloggers,



2 thoughts on “PLAN “X”

  1. Y do u use You…..when talking about your plan instead of I….is it your plan or mine? I thought it was your plan…..but you havent taken ownership of it….

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