On this beautiful Saturday, I am grateful to God for giving me another day to say Thank You.   He’s worthy of everything……..and more!  Years ago, I use to watch the Arsenio Hall Show in which he had a segment he use to have on the show called:  Things That Makes You Say….Hmmmmm.  He would ask questions that would make you say, hmmmmm…..  Well, I’ve got a couple for you:

Question:  Why is it a skunk can spray an area and stank up everything for all humans and other animals, but they are not affected by it?   Hmmmmmm…..

I mean lets be reasonable:  A skunk’s scent can cause an entire block to run away from its smell.  Yet the skunk itself can stand the scent no matter what.  Why is that?

Question:  Why is it we spell the word COUGH this way, when it sounds like KOFF instead? 

Yeah, my mind works in mysterious ways at times.  I’ve got theories that will blow the average person away.  Ok, I’ll give you a rather deep one I came up with years ago.

Question:  How is it our country is spending billions to fight AIDS, yet a young 21 yr old male can go to prison and be turned out by a multitude of men, the government knows and he gets out, sleeps with many women as if nothing happened when he could possibly be infected?   Doesn’t it seem as if the government is wasting the money altogether, when they should be putting safety mechanisms in place that would prevent a man from having to be taken advantage of?  You think it’s impossible?  Well, they make sure they don’t leave the prison, don’t that?  They make sure they are in their cells throughout the day, don’t they?  Surely, you can prevent it.  I don’t believe they want to stop it.  But again, I’m a conspiracy theorist. 

Ok, one last one:

Question:  Why don’t the Mega Churches use some of the millions they receive and purchase MacDonalds, Wendy’s, Laundromats, Elderly Homes, Christian Bowling Alleys, etc.?  Not only will they have entertainment venues for Christians, but also employ the members of the church……..AND in due time, the church can get that money back with interest. 

Just my thoughts on things as I am truly a conspiracy theorist.

Until next time people,

Larry Nelson



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