Ok, I took a while in posting something on wordpress.  For starters, my aunt on my father side passed away.  Since my father died 6 months before I was born, she was the link to who he was and where I came from.  I love and will miss Aunt Connie.  Next, my uncle on my mother’s side passes away.  It was her oldest brother and I was in a state of shock with so much going on around me.  But both funerals have come and gone and its time to get back on the grind, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

For starters, I got signed to Simon & Schuster publishers, the world’s largest book publisher.  The deal is for 4 books and my first release through them will be sometime in August of 2014.  But until then, I will be releasing some independent books.  My next one is called:

For Virtuous Women Only 3…..The Testimonies.   This book is a compilation of women I’ve interviewed and heard their testimonies of God’s grace and mercy on their lives.  It’s gonna be a tear jerker and a true masterpiece.  Then I’ve got signed in August two book signings.  One at Words of Wisdom in Swansea, Illinois.  This book store is an “all white” establishment.  I love the atmosphere and the other, Nancy, is one of the nicest women ever.  God has shown mercy on me to even do a book signing there. 

The next one that same month will be at one called The Word Books in East St. Louis, Illinois.  This is an “all black” owned establishment owned by a nice lady as well.  In addition to that, I will be working on my next book:  For Virtuous Women Only 4…The Lies Men Tell.  This book, I will interview 7 men who will be 100% honest and tell some of the “tricks” and lies they use to get money, gifts and sex from women.  It’s basically a self help book for the younger generation of women to watch out for the games that men use.  God is truly good.

I guess I should be preparing myself for marriage soon.  I’m sure when I get my finances and business dealings situated, I’ll be ready.  Now if she will just come forth.  LOL

I’m working on a lot of new projects and I’m just honored God chose me to give the gift of creative writing to.  I will not let Him down. 

Also, my Plan X is going at full speed ahead starting tomorrow.  It basically deals with 6 areas of a man’s life he can improve on daily.  I’m so amped up to get this thing going. 

The one thing about success is this:  Doing it alone SUCKS!  You tend to want to curse a person out when they want to all of a sudden jump on the band wagon.  I’m thinking to myself:  Where were you when I just needed a friend?  But I’ve got to keep forgiveness in my heart.  God has been too good to me for me to go in reverse.  I’ll elaborate on my Plan X and all it entails tomorrow.  I pray God blesses all who reads this and I pray you all keep me in your prayers at night………..Lord knows I need it.

Until next time bloggers,

Larry Nelson


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