Tomorrow we will be in the month of May and I have some great and powerful plans for my life.  For one, I’ll have completed my 3rd book:  For Virtuous Women Only 3…The Testimonies.  This book means so much to me as my first two dealt with Larry Nelson’s testimony of how God saved me and pulled me from possibly a life on death row.  The ex wife almost sent me there (she and her lover) but God stepped in.  But this next book will be from the words of women who have went through pure Hell in their personal lives, yet somehow God pulled them from certain destruction.  God is good.

I’ll also be transitioning myself from my job of almost 3 yrs to a new profession.  Yes, being a security guard has its advantages, but I am ready for a new challenge.  My brother has encouraged me to be a full time writer, but I will not do that until 2014 for sure.  But this new profession will allow me to write and make a lot of money in the process. 

Then I have a PLAN X that I will not discuss now.  I will say that it will change my life forever!  It’s something I came up with through hard study and reflection.  I am so geared up about it that May is not getting here quick enough.  (Well, it’s here tomorrow!)  My Plan X deals with my finances, personal life and many other aspects of my life that will have an entirely new makeover.  This thing will change every single post I’ve ever posted on facebook, twitter and wordpress.  The first phase of my Plan X will be ready by September, and the rest by January 2014.  But it is something that truly excites me in accomplishing this mission. 

I’ll give you one of the pieces of Plan X:  I’ll either be signed to a major book publisher OR will have independently published my 5th by September.  God is so good to me, as well as the entire human race.  I’m grateful to Him for His blessings and His word.  My Plan X consists of 6 specific parts that if everyone could execute them all, their lives would be changed around for the better. 

Some would call it a New Years Resolution.  I call it my Plan “X”.  I’m excited about it all, and look forward to this powerful journey into the unknown.  In the military, you have drill sergants to push you to the next level in every area before boot came is over.  I have no one to push me in these 6 areas but myself.  But one thing is for certain:

By September, I will have achieved my mission on one I’ve described.  By January, I’ll have achieved all 6 on my list of my Plan “X” and be a better person because of it.

Until next time America,

Larry Nelson