As I review my life, I am convince that there is much more I can do to please God.  I know I’ll stand before Him on Judgment Day and give account to my creative writing gift.  I’ll show Him I turned poetry into books and novels.  Hopefully some movies before I leave Earth.  I think I have that part taken care of .  But I know there’s much more I can do.

Witnessing:  I rarely ever do that.  That’s something I need to incorporate to people I run across from my book signings to strangers on the street.  Even if its a bible tract, I should tell them about the goodness of my God, and His name is Jesus!

Work in the church:  Yeah, I’ve got that on lock!  Well, when I do go, I am constantly working in the church.  It’s a pleasure to work in the ministry.  You get a chance to chat with the busy pastor, mingle with the saints more and more.  Many things you can do and say when you’re working in the ministry.  When I’m there, I’ll give myself an “A” .

Conversations:  I’m not worldly when I talk to people.  I can crack a joke or two for laughter, but not a drunk sailor sounding person.  But I can improve.  The bible says, Let your LIGHT shine….., so even in my small conversations, I’ve got to allow God to shine in that as well.  I’ll give myself a “C” in that.

Getting Along With Everyone….  I have a very friendly personality, but I also can cut a person off as if they never existed if they cross me the wrong way.  That’s NOT Godly.  In fact, if I do not be careful, God can see that as hatred.  I don’t have any enemies.  Too old for that.  Well, there’s this one guy that almost got me killed in Mississippi and he even robbed me of my clothes while in Gulfport.  I don’t hate him, but have no desire to see him.  Sad thing is my mother has him over her house and told me I could never understand her heart for him.  Wow, a mother’s love.  Then a sister at my church set me up with a rumor and lie to my pastor.  At first I wanted her to choke on her vomit, but I don’t hate her.  Just realize that after I began writing books, people began seeing me as $pecial, if you know what I mean.  I have ZERO contact with her and when I go back to church next year, I want to have a “clean heart” and zero hate.  In this category, I’ll give myself a “C”.

Prayer Life…….  I can do better.  I go through spurts.  Sometimes, I’m a prayer warrior.  Then there are times I only pray over my food.  I’ve got to do better towards God in this area.  He’s been too good to me!  I’ll give myself a “C-“

There are many other areas I can name but chose not to.  But I’ve got to improve if I want to become closer with God and be a better man. 

May God have mercy and grace over my life,

Until next time bloggers….

Larry Nelson



I love to study, read and observe.  I’m actually doing a writing now on the subject of being silent.  I’ve got a few people that their mouths have blessed them or put them under a curse.  Here are just a few…..

Muhammad Ali during his boxing days had what my mother calls, “the biggest mouth on the planet!”  Yes, he backed it up, but as she said, there were blacks watching his fights just to see him lose because he talked and bragged so much.  Well, he use to call himself “The Greatest Boxer of All Time”.  I notice something about that.  So long as he touted his own horn, he was a great boxer indeed, but loved AND hated by many in the boxing arena.  But when he got so sick with Parkinson’s Disease to the point where he cannot talk at all, now the World calls him The Greatest Ever!  Why did his silence cause the entire world to respect and revere him as one of the greatest boxers and most popular people on the planet?  If I’m wrong, name another person more popular than Muhammad Ali on this earth?  (Michael is no longer here.)

I notice an interview from George Daniels, who owns George’s Music Room in Chicago.  He said Kanye West was so quiet back in the days, you wouldn’t even know he was in the room or know who he was.  Just very quiet.  Now, he’s running on stage taking microphones from Taylor Swift, getting Kim Kardashian pregnant and being a plump fool with his antics and mouth.  He’s now viewed as an idiot because of his mouth.   Yes, he’s still talented, but his mouth is a world of iniquity.  He once got on television and said, GEORGE BUSH HATES BLACK PEOPLE!  Wow, I almost flipped when I saw that.  Quiet boy from Chicago has opened his mouth!

Dr. Dre is considered to be the greatest producer of All Time.  He is the man who discovered Snoop Doggy Dogg, Ice Cube, The D.O.C., Eminem and most notably 50 Cent.  But if you look at his early interviews from the late 80’s and early 90’s, he talked with stupidity and ignorance.  Sure, it didn’t diminish his talents, but it made him look ghetto and downright stupid.  Well, someone must have told him this:  “Yo Dre, you’re a boss, you don’t need to do interviews and talk about anything.  Let your talent speak for you.”  I guess he followed suit.  He completely stop doing interviews for about 7 to 10 yrs, and now he is almost looked at as a god in rap music.  He’s the only person that can release an album after 12 yrs and millions of people would buy it.  Why?  Because of his silence, he’s viewed as a mythical type of person.  I wonder what his life would be like had he kept doing silly interviews?

I could go on and on about how the tongue can make you or break you.  I do know that silence is golden and can bless you in the long run.  My goal in life is to be QUICK to hear, SLOW to speak as the bible says and be the best Larry Nelson I can be. 

My mother use to tell me that it’s not the big mouth in the fight you have to watch.  Its that one that’s not saying a word you have to be careful with.  He’s the deadly one because you do not know what’s on his mind. 

I pray to bridle my tongue in every area of my life.

Until next time bloggers,

Larry Nelson