The other week I went to my old hometown to visit some friends.  While there, I got a chance to see an ex of mines who we’ve remained very good friends.  We talked about life, love, my books, etc.  But she said something to me that caught my attention:  “Larry, why do you always post things about Tania but you act as if my kids do not exist?”  That hurt.  You see, her kids, when I met her were all infacts and young.  I loved her for being a single mother and we always got along.  I love the kids dearly too. 

I told her I had no excuse, but it was not intentional.  She told me to prove to them I love them, post their pics on facebook.  Then she challenged me with this:  “Post on their that they are your biological kids if you really do love them.”  I told her that’s a lie, BUT I’ll do it.  I also told her this:  “All hell will break loose once I do that.”  I should have bet her some money on that.

I put it up that Sunday and since then, Oh my God!

I’ve had about 37 women going off on me telling me I’m a liar, deceiver, freak, etc.  I have not taken their pics down yet, but I just wanted to see how human nature really is.  I called her and told her about it, and she said, “Oops, my bad.”  The price for proving something to someone when it really doesn’t matter.  37 women have questioned me about if these are my kids, and why I lied about having only one.  I’m not dating anyone now, but the responses I’ve had have been overwhelming.  For some reason, I wanted to keep it up for 7 days to see how many negative comments and rants I’d receive…’s been MANY!

What makes me a liar is the kids are mines………..step kids, not biological.  But the backlash has been done.  I should have bet their mom some money because I knew I’d catch it.  But again, that’s the EXACT reason I don’t post my personal business on Facebook.  Oh, and for the “friend” via down south that fell for that, going off on me like I was a dog.   I’ve got one thing to say to you………………..WOW!

Until next time bloggers,

Happy Easter

Larry Nelson


One thought on “SHOULD’VE BET SOME MONEY!!!

  1. Playing games makes a mess! The whole things sounds ridiculous! I think you summed it up when you wrote posting something that really didnt matter. When you live publicly you have a duty as a Christian to walk with integrity. Out right lying isnt integrity, that nonsense can damage your career and relationships because who can trust you when you lie and play games. As a Man you lead, you direct. No matter how a woman begiles you you do what you believe is right. Eve Beguiled Adam to eat the apple…and Apparently you still taking a bites. You know why woman get so mad? We are tired of our Men failing us. Falling when u should stand. Women depend on the strength of our men. And what really pisses me off is that all she said was “my bad”. You her fool…and thats all she got for u. Let me tell you what i do know…she would have respected you for telling the Truth and standing on what you believed, she may not have liked it but she would have respected you…and we women long to respect a man now a days. Next time…dont take a bite. Dont do what a woman wants you do…. do whats right. Its what we need.

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