My 2nd book will be hot off the press in two weeks.  Its called For Virtuous Women Only2…From Dimes to Diamonds.  I’m excited, but I’ve been this route before.  I guess I’m more prepared to handle the good AND the bad.  Here’s what happened with the first release:

I had a sister come to my house and beg to stick her tongue down my throat.  She said, “I want to taste a celebrity.”  Wow, I laughed and walk inside.

I had a wonderful friend from Georgia get on Twitter, contact EVERYONE on my page and ask them, “Are you his wife, because I am the new Mrs. Nelson!”  She has since apologized to me (a dozen times) and I forgive……….yet I cannot forget that one.

I had a local sister contact my pastor with silly mess, portraying me as a stalker, when in fact I’ve been to her house a half dozen times.  Wow, and the sad thing is after the fact, she contact me a few additional times trying to conversate.  What the heck do we chat about when you’ve burned my name at my church of 4 yrs!!!

A beautiful sister out of town who went out of her way to contact a few people and tell them all sorts of things about me.  That one hurt me the most because I truly loved her as a wonderful friend and person.  But whatever the case, its the past.

Now my approach with this book is this:  Don’t Trust NO ONE!  All these examples I’ve given you have been from women in church.  I refuse to stretch myself out for this 2nd book and be that “friend” while my name is being burned to the ground.  God has blessed me with a tremendous gift and I will NOT squander it with mess.

My new book is finally here, and I will approach this book as if its my first book.  But this time, I will be the professional I should have been from day one and not try being Mr. Friend-To-Everybody.  That backfires on you, and you see an ugly side of people. 

I ask for your continued prayers.

Until tomorrow

Larry Nelson


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