I’ve set my goal to be the best selling author on the planet.  Sure, I see the numbers that Stephen King sells, and I know about J.K. Rowling, the author of all the Harry Potter books.  But I know I can surpass their numbers.  I have a 15 book series called the Christ Among Us and I know it will change the way the entire world views Christ.

Now don’t get it twisted, I’d NEVER say anything to defame the creator of Heaven and Earth.  But I would, in a novel, make Him deity, yet human.  I would make Him serious, yet not afraid to smile.  I would make Him stern, yet compassionate.  I have the books in the works now.  The first book in the series is called THREE KNOCKS.  This book will re-introduce Christ to the world in a most unique way.  The second book in the series will be called TWO THOUSAND MILES.  It will be so full of laughter, tears and reflection upon our souls. 

But these book cannot be self published like my first 3.  These must be with a major label.  I cannot wait until that time comes where I can submit my works to Simon & Schuster and they call me, fly me to New York City on a private jet and just enjoy the fruits of my labor as I do something very powerful for God.  Maybe I fantasize too much, but keep in mind:  Tyler Perry was writing plays while he was homeless sleeping in his car.  I’ve sold countless boxes of books by hand, and Lord knows when they are in Barnes N Nobles all across the World, I will celebrate by going to Fiji and relax for about 7 days in private. 

The future is looking quite bright and I cannot wait until my visions come forth as I see them.  I am preparing for the ride of a lifetime.

Thank you God for the gift of creative writing.

Until next time bloggers,

Larry Nelson


3 thoughts on “THE WORLD’S GREATEST

  1. The Holy Bible is the best sellibg book of all time. In the Bible Jesus is deity and human, walked 33 years in a human body, crucified and rose from the dead for your redemption of sin and mine. In the Bible, Jesus was serious when he taught in the temple and smiled at short Zaccheus who climbed a tree and told him to come down as he would dine in his house that day. And oh how stern he was when he over turned the sellers tables and whipped them for doing it in the house of God. But how compassionate he was when he healed the ear of the soldiers who came to arrest him after Peter cut it off when Judas betrayed him for 20peices of silver. How much more can you make Him be in a fictional text above real life accounts? Are you worthy? Have you walked with him in such a way that you can depict Jesus the Son of the Most High God and be accurrate? I have sat next to you and spent time in your presence and got nothing spiritual from you. You couldnt share the Christ in you with me in 2 hours. How can you write a book to change the view point of Christ to the entire world? Walk the talk my friend. Live the life and the fantacy will be the reality. We didnt meet by chance…..God is working. When much is given much is required. A gift to reach people is not taken lightly. May Grace abound in your writing. May God protect you and guide you in all your endeavours. May the thoughts that you have and the words you pen to paper be from Heaven above. May God place a hedge around your heart and soul from vanity and self glory. May all works you produce be blessed to further along the kingdom of God. In Jesus name Amen

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