I have no choice but to be a success

Every day of my life, I’m put to the test.

When situations try to press my mind

Beyond stormy clouds, the sun will shine.

I’ve got to make it, I’m put to the test

When my feet grow weary, I continue to press.

So what!  I’m in this all by myself

Like a picture frame upon a shelf.

Discouragement sometimes may get in my way

“Just keep on marching!” I have to say.

I have the vision, the purpose and plan

But when I open my fist to an empty hand.

It adds to the stress, looking for the cure,

As temptation arises, trying to lure.

But I know that God didn’t bring me this far

To put my dreams in an oversized jar!

Success or nothing….I must succeed,

I feel like the last of a dying breed!

By:  Larry Nelson

This poem and many more are in my latest book:  For Virtuous Women Only.  To order your copy, please send a $10 dollar money order, plus $1 dollar shipping to:

Larry Nelson

P.O. Box 171

Belleville, Illinois


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For Virtuous Women Only 2….From Dimes to Diamonds

Yet She Remained Silent

51 Laws Every Woman Should Know

Re-Write This Love Letter

Keep me in your prayers……….God bless



One thought on “I MUST SUCCEED

  1. I say simular words to myself daily…i must succeed, i can not fail. I say them because my children depend on me. I can not fail them. Everyday whether i want to or not and there are days i dont, i press on anyway. I encourage myself to get up go to work and give my job 100% because my patients depend on me. I am glad i have reason to strive as i do, its beneficial to me….keeps me alive, makes me happy to provide for my girls and be a blessing to my patients. I hope one day you experience once again what it is like to do most of what you do for another. Give all that you have for another, and be happy about it. Press on because someone else besides you is depending on it.

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