Yesterday I attended the funeral of Mother Dorothy Walker, who led me to Christ at age 12.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  We were driving on Highway 70 East coming from Abundant Life Fellowship in her long white Lincoln.  My mother didnt make it to church that day, but I did.  As we came home, she began talking about Christ and how He died for me.  I told her I didnt think I could “do it right” as far as being saved, but she assured me that God loved me and reminded me of all the benefits (and consequences).  After a few minutes, I went over the Sinner’s Prayer with her and I can honestly say is the best decision I’ve ever made in my 38 yrs on Earth.

I never got a chance to thank her for leading me to Christ, but I did say Thank You to her in my first book I published called FOR VIRTUOUS WOMEN ONLY.  I pray to God someone told her about it before she passed.  The one thing I notice about her 78 years of life (from the funeral’s obituary) is that she not only accomplished so much, but touched so many lives just as she did with me.  People who didnt make the funeral were asking me for the obituary to have since she touched their lives as well. 

One of the things that was said was how she was a tireless leader in the church.  As I heard and saw from the projector all of the things she did in the church (and outside of it’s walls) I began thinking about my life.  We all have one life to live on Earth before we pass into eternity.  I not only want to be right in the eyes of God, but live a life that is pleasing to Him.  I want to win souls for Him.  I want to tell people about this great God I serve called Jesus the Christ.  I want to touch lives before I leave this earth. 

Yes, I’ve been to many funerals in my life, and have heard many people LIE about the person in the casket to cover up the lack they may have or have not done.  But I know that woman, Dorothy Walker, touched lives for many years.  It put things into perspective for me.  I want to go out with a BANG and touch as many lives for Christ as I can.  I am far from being perfect as I have many flaws and scars.  But I promise myself this one thing:  I will live a life that will be pleasing to God, touch many lives and build up a great name for myself. 

I hate funerals with a passion, as I’m sure everyone else does.  But I can say this:  Her funeral put things into perspective for me.  I will be a WORLD CHANGER from this point on.

Until Next Time,

Larry Nelson



  1. This friday i have intentions on goin to a funeral of a woman i know as a beloved grandmother. I have never met her. But when she is talked about by her grandson who i know and my daughter they speak with love, respect and admiration. As you have experienced, reflection of our own life occurs when the reality sets in that we wont live forever. I too would like to leave a legacy. The greatest legacy to me would be that my children know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Let me offer this council to you, dont strive to make your name known, but only strive to spread the gospel and knowledge of Jesus Christ through the gift that Gods has given you, Make his Name known, then your name shall be remembered. When we Give God Glory…he will return it…and only His glory will last, thru generations. The praise from ppl of her wrk, comes from the impact and Truth of her wrk with ppl. Have a blessed day

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