I have an addiction:  I love the TV show CHEATERS.  Now don’t get me wrong, my heart goes out for the men and women who are on the losing end of it all.  Yet I cannot stop watching it.  When I first relocated to southern Illinois after my separation with my ex wife, I was glued into every single episode religiously.  In fact my good friend, Angela Williams was so sick of me watching it, she told me it was as if I went crazy watching each episode at her home. 

I guess when I watched the shows back in 06, I saw myself hiring CHEATERS and the woman was my ex.  But today when I watch it, it is more like well….reality TV.  I guess its just seeing people being 100% real.  No guards up.  No makeup on.  No phony.  Just getting the raw deal.  This morning, I watched an episode through my phone on YouTube.  In it, an older black man who appeared to be in his 50’s hired CHEATERS to follow his wife.  When the footage came back she was indeed cheating, he was so cool, calm and collected in his actions.  CHEATERS took him to a park where she was walking with her lover.  The guy stayed so ultra cool in the van…….until he saw her in the park as the vans pulled up.  Joey Grecco told him to wait, but he burst through those doors of the van and sprinted after her calling her names I will not say on this site.

On one side it was sort of amusing to me.  On another side, my heart went out to him, and the millions of other people who endure being cheated upon.  One thing about this show is this:  They will NEVER have a shortage of people who need help.  What is the allure of sex that causes people to leave their husband or wife for a few minutes of passion?  What (speaking from a male’s perspective) causes a man to see a set of “big legs” and all of a sudden his nature is gone into overdrive?  I mean if you think about it, what your wife has between her legs, the other woman does too.  Its not like you’ll go there and see two of them! 

I’m not trying to sound nasty, but simply saying its not like he’s gonna have a big surprise when he goes there.  Its the SAME THING!  The bible says:  In my flesh dwelleth NO GOOD THING.  I’m assuming in all of us there is a CHEATER lurking in the background.  When my time comes to get married again, I promise to give my wife the very best that I’ve got and never let go.  No, I didnt cheat then, and I will not do so in the future.  I just say this in agreement with my heart and spirit.  Whatever the case, I will be crowned Husband Of The Year by all who watch our marriage and the happiness that comes forth. 

Maybe they need a reality show called HAPPILY MARRIED.  I’d watch the couples act like Ward and June Cleaver and their children go about life so happy and free.  But maybe thats fantasy world.  Maybe its ficticious to even think that there will be a reality show with families like The Cosby Show, all happy and full of bliss.

Until that show comes out, I guess I’m stuck watching my show…..CHEATERS!

Until next time,

Larry Nelson


2 thoughts on “CHEATERS

  1. First of all……Aint nobody gonna watch Happily Married. Most folks want to watch drama. I used to get up in reality t.v……big Kardashian fan, but i am getting to the point i dont want to keep feeding my spirit drama. Pretty soon drama starts playing out in my life. No thank you. I heard resently some very simple advice….what ever you feed will grow, whatever you starve will die. Watch what you feed your spirit. You never know how your spirit man, your emotional man or your physical man will metabolize it. Be careful of the declarations you make…..stay prayed up, and Word strong. Jesus will take care of you.

  2. I agree with Stacey. These shows seem harmless but what they really do is replay a scenario over and over in your head and subconsciously we begin to believe that this is what really happens or this is what’s really going to happen. It did not enter into Eve’s mind to eat of the fruit until Satan brought it to her mind. I had to pray and ask Lord please help me break my addiction to Scandal!! It is hard but I haven’t watched one episode yet. The mind is powerful. I hope you do have a Cleaver marriage but I also know the biggest falls occur when we feel we’re at the top of our game.

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