At the age of 12 yrs old, I was coming back from Abundant Life Church in St.Louis, Mo.  My mom didn’t make it to church that Sunday, but I went.  We would get a ride from a lady name Dorothy Walker.  She use to drive this long white Lincoln and we would float on Highway 70 to listen to Pastor (now Bishop) Matthew Ferguson give us a word from God.   After service was over, we made our 30 minute track down the interstate towards home. 

As we drove, she began to ask me questions about my life.  (Yeah, at 12)  She began telling me about this Jesus and how I can live with him for eternity.  I was relunctant at first but as that big body Lincoln zoomed down the highway, but as she persisted, I gave in, said the Sinner’s Prayer and gave my heart to Christ.  She told me how happy she was for me and I went home a new man (yeah at 12), told my mom who was excited for me and actually gave my first sermon in the bedroom.  LOL

I am now 38.  I’ve had my share of mistakes and mishaps.  But no matter what has come my way, I knew that without Christ, I had NOTHING to stand on.  In this time, I’ve experience so many things that I know without the hand of God on my life, I should have been gone a long time ago.

I just received the news Saturday that Sis. Dorothy Walker has passed.  I will definitely make the funeral and show my respect to the woman who introduce me to Jesus.  I wrote a book called For Virtuous Women Only and actually thanked her in it for introducing me to Christ.  I hope she was able to get message, seeing as we attended different churches.  I will not go there sad or down in spirit.  I believe she was in her 80’s.  To me, that’s leaving here after living a Full Life. 

Because of what she did for me on Nov 23rd of 1986 changed my life.  I know Heaven is her new home and I pray that all who attend her funeral will smile and be blessed knowning she made it. 

Thank you, Sister Dorothy Walker

Larry Nelson


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