I’m sitting here thinking today about how one short year can change your life.  In Feb of 2012, I was sitting on my apartment floor in downtown St. Louis, Mo writing down some ideas for a book.  I didnt know any publishers, didnt know how to submit my works.  Heck, I didnt even know where to begin!  But just one short year later, I’m not only an author, but my book is all throughout the United States.  (To GOD be the glory!)  Not only has their been many up’s but a few down’s as well:

In 2012, I didn’t know anyone from the East Coast.  Today, I have many contacts on the Eastern Seaboard.  In 2012, I never heard of Greenwood, Mississippi.  Today, I’ve made contacts there, Texas, Florida, etc.  The list is endless.  In 2012, I could care less about speaking in someone’s pullpit.  This past Saturday, I spoke at a Women’s Conference in Alton, Illinois.   In 2012, I could only dream of speaking engagements.  Today, I’m about to begin advertising The Purple Purse Luncheon…to support domestic abuse victims.  This event is in May of this year and I was ask to be keynote speaker, along with another nice lady I know.  God is so good.

The good far outweighs the bad, and yet I thank God for allowing me to go through it all.  I’m still here.  I’m still standing and I’m still humble.  Now my mind goes into fast forward:  Where will I be come Feb 2014?  What will be my destiny then?  How far will God carry me in this writing gift?  I know the sky is the limit and I’m not surprised at what He does in my life now.  I’m simply blessed.

I’ve had a few people actually tell me that they want to allign themselves with me simply because they see the future and God’s hand on my life.  I see it too, but I really wish they were with me when I was struggling.  I wish I had something to build on.  Anyone can hang with Tyler Perry once the blessings fall.  But who was there when he was homeless, sleeping in his car?  I wish I had someone…..ANYONE I could honestly say was there from day one. 

Whatever the case may be, I am grateful to God Almighty for giving me a platform to tell of His goodness and mercy in my life.  Wherever He takes me in this gift of creative writing, I’ll be satisfied.  I am still amazed at how in just one short year, my life is totally different. 

Just one short year………

Keep me in your prayers,

Larry Nelson


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