Today was a very unusual day for me. For starters, I had to go to a few meetings dealing with my book and future book signings. I met with my lawyer who set me up with a financial advisor who by the way say she loves the book and purchased my last 8 copies. Then I had to respond to lots of mail via email, facebook, twitter, wordpress, etc.

But nothing could have prepared me for what happened as I arrived back home. My lawyer told me that I needed to get home ASAP, as I had someone waiting for me. I’m wondering if she gave him my address! When I arrived, there was an older white gentleman dressed very casual. He introduce himself and said, “My name is Rev. ******* and someone gave me a copy of your book. I am interested in purchasing 100 to 200 books for my church.” I was floored, yet somewhat like Doubting Thomas, as we began talking. He wanted to go to a more comfortable place, so we went to Steak N Shake, down from my home and chatted. I told him I was waiting for the UPS man as we spoke. We talked about the concept of the book, my thoughts and future writings. I told him about my future trip to Simon & Schuster in June and he agreed to go with me if his schedule permits.

What really shocked me was as we chatted, I notice the UPS truck from the window and ask him if he didnt mind if I went down to my place to see if it was for me. He readily went with me, to my surprise, as the UPS man was just knocking on my door with a huge box. Well, I signed for the books and before I opened the box, the pastor said:
“I believe in your gift and already see where you’re headed in the future and I want to be a part of it.” He reached in his pocked and gave me $1,000. He said, “I’ll put these in my bookstore at my church,” as he politely took the box of books. I played cool, but was in shock.

We exchanged numbers and info as he agreed to purchase another $1,000 in a few weeks. He said, “I don’t sware, but we’ll seal it with a handshake.” I shook it and he prayed for me. He said, “Lord, there’s a heavy anointing on this young man’s life. You’ve shown me his future, which is prosperous and his writings will touch millions of lives. Thank you Lord for connecting us.” Afterwards he gave me his personal telephone number, home number, wife’s cell, secretary’s desk number and her cell as well. As he pulled off with an entire box of books I had not opened yet he said, “Your future is so bright, you better invest in a pair of shades!” He smiled and left.

My nosey neighbor who witnessed it started screaming, “I live next door to a celebrity!” to which I was hoping she would shut up! I went inside my place, counted the money and my heart started beating fast. Lord, am I ready for this type of fame? Am I ready to be catapulted in the spotlight?

About a month ago, I got 3 tweets from Bishop T.D. Jakes. I basically told him how his sermon: A Sacrifice Of A Praise blessed my life years ago. He responded with a thanks and how people didnt realize that God was using that sermon to minister to himself at the time he was going through. Then I briefly told him to PLEEEEEEASE read a few lines of an excerpt to my book, to which he responded: Very good work. Keep it up, and I may need you here to speak at MegaFest. I thanked him and that was that.

I told my mother about the tweets from none other than T.D. Jakes. She wasnt surprised. She said, “You think too small. Wait til Barock Obama calls for you, THEN you’ve arrived. You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Things are happening so fast for me, its scary, sort of nervous. To go from trying to be everyone’s friend to having people call me at ungodly hours of the night just to “chat”. I’m handling it with stride as it is still new to me. The Jakes tweet, although a complete honor, pales in comparison to chatting with my pastor David Hawkins about God, life and whatever else he decides to impart in me.

As I count this money again, I thought about how at one point I was struggling to make ends meet. Now, financial prosperity is coming at me so fast I am getting nervous.

Please keep me in your prayers as I develop into a better more complete man in the eyes of God.

His love and mines,
Larry Nelson


2 thoughts on “GETTING NERVOUS!

  1. All i can do is smile for you right now! I knew too as all should, who know God, the anointing and impact you have and will continue to have on women of today. It hit me after reading just of few your poems. So now its coming…..the reward….and you getn nervous. What a natural and perfect feeling to have! Its gonna keep u praying and open to The Father. I pray you never get comfortable nor complacent…i pray through your journey you remain humble. Thats a state God can work in and through. May he continue to bless you with avenues to be blessing to others. Praise God!

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