Today I received an email letter from a beautiful sister who gave me her testimony. She says:

Hello Mr. Larry,
I wanted to first off tell you how much I enjoyed your book and testimony this past Saturday in Alton at A Rose Is Still A Rose Women’s Conference. I was taken back by the maturity you displayed and your heart of compassion. As I took you book home, I read from start to finish within 2 to 3 hours. All I could do was cry, seeing as you were speaking directly into my life. God is going to, and IS using you to do mighty things.

I went through a trial by fire and needed God to speak a word to me. When I read your book, it was as if God was saying, “Here is your answer.” Your poem, WHEN A WOMAN PRAYS is now the anthem to my life. It was as if your words were saying to me, “Keep on Walking!”

I do not know you well, but you can call me at *** *** **** and I want you to consider me a friend. If you EVER need anything from me, shelter if you’re in town, car to take you from place to place, I’m at your disposal.

Whatever you may go through in life, just know you have a friend in me you can talk to. Just promise me that no matte what comes you way, you will keep on walking! Your book has allowed me to get up, get dressed and keep on walking!

Forever grateful to you,
Sis **********

I was taken back by such nice words from this dear lady, that whatever I may be going through, (losing someone I considered a friend for life, betrayal, lying gossip with my name in it, etc.) I will always look to this sister’s letter for strength to keep on walking.

Ok, I’m ready to tackle whatever is coming my way today, tomorrow and FOREVER.

Bring it on satan,
I’m ready!

God bless the readers of this blog
Larry Nelson

Until next time….


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