This past Saturday I had a book signing at a women’s conference in Alton, Illinois.  Before the signing was to commence, I had to speak for 30 minutes and give my testimony of how I came to write a book and the things I went through in my marriage.  In the course of it all I exceeded my expectations and sold EVERY SINGLE BOOK I HAD.  The entire box was empty.  God showed up and showed out!

As I did the meet and greet portion, I met some women with phenomenal testimonies of abuse from men, a man who refuses to marry her and one lady who came face to face with the woman who killed her 10 year old daughter.  She had nothing but forgiveness in her heart.  I commend her and see her as a valuable soul in the body of Christ.  I left there on cloud 9 as I took many pictures, sold every book I had and made some terrific friends along the way.

When I got back home, I was bombarded with notes from a woman in Georgia telling me she was prepared to run my name in the ground because she wants me to send her $75 dollars.  I was not surprised because in the past, she’s called and cried telling me how much she loves me and wants a baby by me!  I know there’s a problem there, but come on now!  She started on Facebook talking childishness.  So I blocked her.  She continued on Twitter, and again I blocked her.  Now I will have to block her from calling or texting.  Yes, I gave her the number in the beginning, thinking it will allow me access to her friends for a potential book signing in Atlanta, Georgia.  But this is some psycho stalking type of stuff she’s doing. 

What I’m trying to say is I’m going through the BEST of times and the WORSE of times at the SAME TIME!  Its funny how I can go to a conference, meet and converse with countless women.  Yet the ones I know personally do not even understand my heart.  Can’t you all see, I am your brother!  Can’t you see I love you like my blood sister?  After these years of being around me, don’t you know my heart by now? 

I told a sister at the conference:  “You got your hair looking Ebony Magazine perfect!”  She begins to show her her picture collection of past hairstyles.  I told a sister I know something similar, she immediately began telling me how I was “aggressively pursuing her”.   I told a sister at the conference:  “You’re wife material.  You can do better than the man that will NOT marry you.”  She immediately gave me her number in the hopes of going to church to meet my pastor and sit under the ministry.  I’ve told the same thing to a sister whom I know personally, and to this day, thinks I want her sexually!  Wow…..

It’s amazing how selling books can eliminate all debts and bills in a single week.  God is blessing me to meet people whom I never knew exist and hear their stories.  He’s allowing me to make friends with the friendless, become a brother to the brotherless and give advice to a sister who just wanted advice from a man.  One one side, I am making contacts and friends with women from all across the country.  On the home front, they think the total opposite! 

Its so amazing how God can allow you to go through the BEST of times, and the WORSE of times AT THE SAME TIME!

Best believe this:  I will make it!

Until tomorrow,

Love you all,

Larry Nelson


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