This weekend most of the World will be out shopping for the sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.  The day in which flowers, candy in heart shaped boxes are in abundance.  Beautiful cards with elaborate designs will fill mailboxes around America as men and women proclaim their love for one another.  I love this “lover’s day” simply because you can really show and express your passion for your significant other.  Yes, it is truly a day for lovers to unite and commit their feelings toward that significant other.  February 14th is fastly creeping up on me.  But there’s one problem:  I HAVE NO ONE TO BUY CHOCOLATES FOR!

Ok, the single life sucks……this I know.  But I just knew this year I would have someone to spoil with gifts and goodies.  Didnt turn out that way.  Oh sure, I have one or two people I’d love to “surprise” on that day.  Knowing my luck, I would be charged with harassment.  LOL …   Seriously, this year since I am single, I want something given to me. 

I’ve always been the one getting the large heart shaped box of chocolates, cards with original poems and flowers.  But this year, I want some chocolates.  I dont care who gives it to me (no man, of course!)  I think this should be a year of surprises and dreams fulfilled.  I would love to have 3 or 4 admirers give me flowers and candy just because.

Though I’m not really a candy eater, I would be very appreciative of the chocolates and cards that come with it and put it on my shelf.  I’m hoping this is my year to receive.  The last few years, I gave gifts alright.  But they were sent “anonymous” since she didnt know I even exist.  If I’m not mistaken, my chocolates were the only ones she received.  One point for Larry, huh?  This year, I’d love to spoil someone since I am a sentimental prick at times.  But there’s no one to spoil.  I was thinking about making a super size heart shaped box of chocolates and present it to my church.  I will do that for Mother’s Day.  Have the pastor to allow all the mothers to take the chocolates.  Oh, so you dont believe I can make the largest heart shape box of chocolates?  Hey, so long as I can get to the local Hobby Lobby store, I can do it. 

Well, this year like the previous years, I don’t expect anything.  But just once I would love for someone to think of me instead…………just once.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Larry Nelson


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