Help me, Lord

Lust keeps calling!

Every time I get up

I keep on falling!

She’s at my front door

She wants to get in!

She now has picked my locks

I’m so tired of sin!

She’s walking up my stairs

She’s in my hallway!

She’s searching for me

She’s close, yet I pray!

She looks under my bed

Then sits on top.

“Where are you hiding?”

She will not stop!

She walks on by the closet

Then goes away.

I guess I’m free

For another day.

Now my answering machine

Plays Lust on the track:

“You won this time

But I will be back!”

By:  Larry Nelson

This poem and many others are in my latest book: For Virtuous Women Only.

To order, send a $10 dollar money order, plus $1 dollar shipping to:

Larry Nelson

P.O. Box 171

Belleville, Illinois  62222

Book will be immediately shipped upon confirmation.

Thank you and please keep me in your prayers.


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