Today, I decree that no HATE will ever enter my heart….PERIOD!  I’ve went through a situation not long ago that not only tried my patience, but test my tolerance level for my fellow man.  In the past few weeks I was test not by one but two situations that almost caused me to HATE.  If it had not been for my faith in God, HATE would have been my bed mate. 

One situation, without giving too much details, I trusted a friend that betrayed me with partial truths that wounded my spirit and damaged my trust.  This “friend” came into my life like a lightning rod, swooped in and actually was exciting.  But as fate would have it, all Hell broke loose. 

The next friend went to a stranger and gossiped about me.  It hurt, wounded and scarred me deeply…both instances.  My back was against the wall as HATE began knocking at the door of my heart.

After staying to myself, praying and concentrating on God, I know that HATE is not His way, so I quickly released the hate that could have creeped in.  I release anger filled thoughts for both.  I release revenge and animosity and anything that’s not like God.  I do not want to make it seem as if I am a master at it, but by God’s grace, I am HATE free.  What I do now is when I think of both persons, I pray for them, call their names out to God and ask Him to not only bless them but give them both long life and happiness.

God, you’re not done with me.  I know you’re remaking me as the potter does the clay. I ask you to grant mercy to me as I show mercy and compassion to my fellow man.  Lord, so many times I’ve failed you, yet you’ve shown grace towards my life.  When you would have been justified in allowing the enemy to snatch me, you kep me.  So God, as a promise to you, I will never HATE another man or woman in my life.  Our adversary is the devil, not another human.  God, whatever I do in life, please don’t take your loving hands of protection off my life.

Thanks for allowing me to walk in this life with ZERO HATE in my heart.

I’m free……

Larry Nelson 


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