I’m sure you all have seen the movie The Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy as the lead actor.  It’s funny, humorous and a pile of laughs.  But……….does anyone remember the original Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis?  This one is paralllel to the later version with Eddie Murphy as Jerry plays a scientist who is in love with a student of his name Ms. Purdy.  To make a long story short, he conjurs up a scientific liquid potion that changes him into the most adorable, sexy attention grabbing man alive.

This is one of my top 3 favorite movies of All Time!  There is however, one particular scene that is my attention getter.  After he drinks the liquid, he walks through the streets and the camera never goes to the new professor.  But you can see the reaction of the crowd as they simply stop in their tracts as if they’ve seen The Queen of England walk into their presence.  They freeze and just glare.  As he enters the club where Ms. Purdy is, the band members, one by one, stops playing their instruments as their mouths are drooped open watching this new guy no one has ever seen.  The entire crowd freezes as the camera catches the first glimpse of him. 

Wearing a sky blue blazer and slick back hair, he has gone from being a nurdish, skinny coke bottle glasses wearing professor to a sleek, cool good looking cool cat.  Now for those whose never seen it, please go to YouTube and type in The Nutty Professor Jerry Lewis.  I dont think you’ll be able to see the entire movie, but you can see clips. 

I think about my life and the direction God is leading me with my writings.  I am blessed.  I’m not one who is trying to get the spotlight on me.  I’ve been there and done that.  As I get older, I want to be more humble and in the background on things I do.  But there is a slight fantasy of mines where I would like to disappear from all the people I know for exactly one year.  I would love for their memories of me to be the robust built, goofy acting, comedian personality Larry, just to re-emerge as a new me.  Barely recognizable (just like Jerry and Eddie), exquisitely dressed and a new me altogether.

For some reason, this fantasy of mines is equivalent of what a man who converts to Islam does.  He gets a new name and immediately disassociates himself from whatever actions the former name did.  He’s now reborn.  He’s a different (in his eyes and other Muslims) man altogether.  Of course I would never change my name.  Larry is fine by me.  But……..what if I would consider changing it.  Maybe the name Christian Denzel Nelson.  As a kid, I wanted to change my name to Ric Flair.  Ok, now that I’m almost 40, Flair is a stretch, but Ric still is a cool name to me. 

I’d re-emerge as a more serious, extra quiet guy who doesnt play and try to be everyone’s friend.  The brothers of the church would find being in my presence addictive and want to be the best of friends with me.  The sisters would see the exact image of someone they see as a mate.  The elderly would come to me for wisdom!  My car would be a signature of the new Larry.  I’m thinking Cadillac?  No, how about a Chrysler 300 with a unique paint scheme that hasn’t been duplicated yet.  Who knows, maybe a Chevy Suburban with all tint windows. 

The new Larry would have a house party with invitations sent out and entertain all I know with soul food catered to the home, and be intoxicated with being amongst them as they are with me.  My basement will be known as my “man cave”.  It’s strickly Invitation Only to enter my secret place of free weights, super size plazma screen and a host of gadgets that will cause a person never to want to leave.

The new Larry would also be viewed as an all around guy who never gets into it with people, ever!  My demeanor would be so cool that it would be hard to have harsh words with me, seeing how I carry myself with calmness and a laid back style.  Yes, I know this is rather silly for a man to fantasize over at almost 40 (actually 38), but somehow when I watch The Nutty Professor, I immediately see myself as the professor, and the World as Ms. Purdy.

Whatever the outcome is, I cannot wait to tackle my destiny.  Just call me Professor Clump!

Be blessed one and all

Larry (Sherman, Sherman, Sherman!) Clump



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