Everyone took notice of the way he moved

His smile, his eyes and vibrant mood.

So many women in this church, you see

And of them all, his eyes are on me!

We exchange numbers and planned a date

In his new car he showed up at eight.

The movie played while he sipped coffee

He just couldn’t keep his eyes up off me.

He pulled to my house and stared at me

Said, “Can I trouble you for a cup of tea?”

He followed me in with a naughty face

I notice his eyes were below my waist.

What he said next almost made me shout

This is what came out of his mouth:

“Baby I confess, your spirit moves me

Lets us both go up to exstasy.”

“We’re both Christians; God understands

That we have needs, so take my hand.”

I look at him with tears in my eyes

“Don’t you know I’m someone’s prize!”

“I don’t sleep around, for God sees all

I won’t grieve His spirit; I will not fall.”

“Until I die, this will be said:

Her home contained an undefiled bed!”

By Larry Nelson

This inspirational writing, along with dozes more are in my new book:

For Virtuous Women Only.

To order, please send a $10 dollar money order, plus $1 dollar shipping to:

Larry Nelson

P.O. Box 171

Belleville, Illinois


Book will be sent to you upon confirmation.

God bless you all and keep me in your prayers.


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