Serving God and living a Christian lifestyle can be very unorthodox.  In the world we live in, you’re taught to defeat your enemy at all costs.  But on the road of Christianity, you’re taught to love your enemies.  Then Jesus goes a step further and says…And BLESS those that curse you.  Ok, that’s enough Jesus.  But He goes even further.  AND do good to them which despitefully use you and persecute you.  Maybe if all I had to do was love my enemy, I would be off the hook.  But he adds conditions to the one you would clarify as an enemy.

In 1995, I was going through a separation/divorce.  To clear my head, I relocated to Gulfport, Mississippi.  My plan was to go there for 6 months, save up enough money and start chapter 2 of my life again.  Well, 6 months turned into just 3 days.  I took my mother’s best friend’s son with me.  He was “game” on moving, since he has no kids and not married himself.  I wanted a friendly face with me.  To make a long story short, he was fresh out of rehab for drugs and alcohol.  He being an adult, I ask him was it going to be a problem which he assured me it wasnt.  How wrong I was.

On the 3rd night, the hostess who we were staying with was gone to work.  I decided to clean the house.  She had two refrigerators in her home.  The first one was a double door refrigerator full of food and frozen food.  The second one shocked me.  As I opened it, from the top to the bottom was nothing short of about 90 to 110 bottles of beer!  When my friend, whom I brought with me saw it, something clicked inside of him.  Rehab went out of the window and mentally, he went into relapse.  But again, he assured me he was ok.  But his eyes told another story.  When the host came home, she got into a festive mood and began cooking, playing music and drinking.  She offered him a beer, and that was it.  Of course, I have never drank in my life, so it was not a temptation for me.  But a man who is fresh out of rehab for drugs and alcohol, this was his vice.

One of our host’s neighbors, who was a regular loudmouth thug, came by and was drinking with my friend.  To make a long story short, while I’m sitting there like a nerd (the only one not drunk or drinking) the neighbor begins talking about “bussin my head” and kicking my you know what.  He’s drunk, and I’m playing it off thinking the lady we’re staying with will say something.  She doesnt.  I’m expecting my friend to “have my back”……………he doesnt.  In fact, in his drunken state he tells the neighbor:  “Bust his head man!”  I was shocked!  I brought him here with me to start over, and now all I’m thinking about is fighting in Mississippi of all places!  Well, I had to use some street knowledge.  I didnt want a record with the police, didnt want to go to jail, but was not about to let some guy half drunk start whipping on me either.  But my so called friend is there, and he’s taking this guys side.  Drunk or not, my vision was to break his jaw, stomp him on a back street until………….well, that’s sin.  You know the rest.

I started playing it off to the neighbor by saying:  Aw man, lets forget this mess and drink some beer and smoke some weed.”  I was trying to speak his language and divert his attention off of trying to fight me.  All I wanted was to make my way to my truck and I was on my way back to Illinois.  I was gonna leave my friend there, and just figure out another plan once I got home. 

Once the neighbors attention was on more beer, I slipped out the door and made my way to my truck.  As I pulled off, the neighbor began throwing beer bottles at my car.  I was mad but safe.  Upset with drunken neighbor but hostile with my friend who encourage neighbor towards violence against me.  Drunk or not, I now saw him as an enemy.

Fast forward 2013.  My enemy is now sitting in the St. Clair County Jail for drug use and theft.  He’s never been to prison and is afraid.  My mother goes to see him twice a week in this crazy January weather we’re having and is faithful at answering his daily phone calls.  But he almost got me killed in Mississippi! LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.  But I could have come up dead and my mother wouldnt have known a thing.  LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.  But what if that drunken neighbor had stabbed or shot me?  LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. 

To love your enemies is an action word.  I have to show love by sending him an encouraging letter, even a small money order for deodorant, snacks and envelopes.  According to Jesus (this is how I interpret it) I would even have to go and visit him in jail.  One thing about it, when this life is over we are in eternity.  I dont want to be lost over hatred. 

God, I hereby release DeMario Isaac of all the hate and strife I had built up inside of me.  I love him and wish no harm comes his way.  I pray that he gives his life completely to you and peace overtake him in his life.  I decree now:  I have NO ENEMIES but the devil.  I hate NO MAN.  I will show the fruits of the spirit with LOVE being at the top of the list.  Thank you God, and may you grant Marlo (DeMario) a brighter day and a quick exit from jail.


Larry Nelson


4 thoughts on “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES

  1. Boy did this hit home. I was just talking to someone online about this. I have to forgive someone for deliberately hurting me and lying to me over and over. I didn’t go through your situation but I have an ex-friend in jail who tried to get me to take a gun charge for him and I ended up in supreme court. Now his family hates me and it’s a big mess. Last week I had thought about supporting him. He’s doing 8-10 but then I thought why would I when he didn’t care if I got arrested and ended up with a federal record and my children were without a mom. I don’t think I’ll ever go and see him but I don’t know. I’m still dealing with it emotionally. I know I need to actively show love but right now I’m still hurt and angry and still being blamed by everyone for something he did. Lord help me to forgive.

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