The story of the Tin Man always fascinated me

For we have lived parallel lives, which you’re about to see.

Dorothy’s Tin Man had one wish:  To only have a heart

Let’s begin with my story, I’ll take it from the start.

Imagine you have not a friend so church is where you turn

Taking notes in Sunday School, for this is how you learn.

Making sure you’re never late while wearing your Sunday’s best

And when the teacher quizzes all, you will pass every test.

Seeing a brother from the church you ask him for his number

We can play some basketball before the end of Summer.

He gives it reluctantly, but never answers the phone

You are now catching the hint.  His wife say’s “He’s not home.”

Soon you hear disturbing news that takes your breath away

Rumor has it at your church that you’re openly gay!

Seeking friendship in the church sometimes come with a price

Even in the church at times you cannot be too nice.

Next you see one of the sisters as you pump your gas

She spoke first, then you replied.  It happened very fast.

Now the rumors spread around you want her as your wife!

Other sisters roll their eyes; the brothers are full of spite.

Judge my heart and you will see I want to just fit in

Judge my heart and you will see I’m here to break from sin!

So what about the Tin Man’s heart?  And did he reach his goal?

Ask me in a year from now.  My heart’s too broken to know.

By:  Larry Nelson

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God bless and keep me in your prayers.

Larry Nelson


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