????? WHO AM I ?????

I love to operate in church through any woman on man,

My goal is simply to cause your nature to rise, if I can.

Your race and creed to matter to me; I don’t discriminate,

I won’t look up til you look up and Hell’s forever your fate.

I start with women’s loneliness, then whisper in their ear,

“Girl, you know you need a man.”  I’ll say it sweet and dear.

Pondering all those many nights while sleeping alone in bed,

Praying you’ll have that blessed day in which you will be wed.

Then desperation starts to set.  Right then, I’ll attack the mind,

“If you don’t give him lovin’ now, you will be left behind.”

She’s now a lover, never a wife.  She’s hooked and full of shame,

Then I whisper in her ear:  “God’s the one to blame.”

With men, I give them wondering eyes, the windows to their soul,

With every woman that passes by, they glare with no control.

Then I sprinkle emotions in.  His body starts to react,

He soon becomes obsessed in sin.  I say this as a fact:

For years I’ve had a seat in church and I refuse to leave,

Most churches will not cast me out, this fact I can’t believe.

I’ve destroyed marriages, ruined preachers, I won’t give up this fight,

I’ve taken over people’s minds, then moved them out of sight!

I’ll give you a clue just who I am, I’m sure you already know,

Some describe me as “tainted love” but that statement is for show.

I love to whisper deep in your soul until your spirit bust,

The World has given me many names, but the church knows me as …..LUST!

By Larry Nelson.

This poem along with hundreds more are in my book:

For Virtuous Women Only.

To order, please send a $10 dollar money order, plus $1 dollar shipping to:

Larry Nelson

P.O.Box 171

Belleville, Illinois


God bless and keep me in your prayers.


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