Last night I received a phone call from a sister in Christ that is a tremendous blessing to me.  You see, I have trust issues with people.  Sometimes people come into your life for a season, reason or just to test your faith in God.  Well this sister in Christ is a phenomenal person.  She’s not a deep spiritual person, for she can get a tad “ghetto” on you if the opportunity presented itself.  She can tell you like it is, which is why I sort of gravitate towards her strickly for advice.  You could say she’s somewhat a counself.

Last night she called me and told me out of the blue that she sees MILLIONS about to come my way from my gift of writing, AND she says others see it too.  I honestly didnt know what she meant by that.  She elaborated:  “You’re going through so much stuff because of the position God is setting you up to be in.  Trust me, if you think you’re catching it now, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!”  She began to tell me how she not only sees but hears things about me that are not only positive, but to ”Watch and Pray!”  In times like this, I tend to remain silent and allow wisdom and Godly counsel to speak through the individual.  I value her opinion not only as a Christian, but as a woman as well. 

She told me, “If you’ve only sold 1,500 copies and catching Hell in your relationships, what do you think when you’re signed to a major label and your books are selling millions?”  I told her I never thought of that.  She began telling me how she’s observant and keeps a listening ear as to whats going on with my writings.  She never heard any of it from me or Facebook, but from others.  I was surprised that I was even being discussed like that.  No, it was not bad chatter or something I’ve done wrong.  It was simply the chatter how people view me as the one that’s “got it.” 

As I listened for over an hour, I notice that not only was she describing how I’m viewed in other’s eyes, but she was also telling what SHE sees as in my immediate future:  Riches, Houses, Cars, Fame, etc.  Although I give God the praise for the gift of creative writing, I was honored she saw these things in me.  As we ended our conversation, I hung up with a smile on my face thinking of the possibilities.  My friend, telling me my destiny (as she sees it) and I beginning to do what I do best:  Write. 

Sometimes you can feel so down and out.  God has a way of using people you least expect to not only pick you up, but speak into your life as a mirror in a sense, showing you your destiny and purpose in life.  I thank my sister in Christ for not only sharing over an hour of my future destiny with me, but also her friendship. 

Until next time,

Larry Nelson


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