Today I had to go to Clayton, Missouri to renew my security guard license before they expire.  It’s a boring process as they retake your fingerprints, listen to other conversations as you wait, etc.  After finishing up everything, I decided to walk over to the Clayton Justice Center (Jail) to inquire about an old friend.  Her name is Marilyn Cork.  She’s 53, and in 2010 was charged with Vehicular Assault.  She basically got mad at her ex boyfriend while they were there in Civil Court (she was suing him over a $100-$300 dollar loan) and when she saw in the parking lot with his new girlfriend she took her SUV and floored it in his direction and hit him twice.  She pinned him up between another car.  If I’m not mistaken, he was in very serious condition.  It’s a blessing she didn’t kill him.  (For those interested in the story, Google:  Marilyn Cork.)

Anyway, she’s been in jail since June of 2010 and it doesn’t look good.  She lost her well paying job, her home she’s been in for years and I’m not sure where her son went to live.  Her trial is coming up soon and I plan on being there just to say, “Keep your head up.”  No, I do not condone her actions, but I think back over my life and realize that could have been me!

I almost lost my future, finding out my ex wife was having an affair.  I almost lost it all (mentally, emotionally and livelihood) as the lover began calling me.  I thought about all of that as I saw scores of people who look just like me waiting their turn in court as I was going to the clerks office to inquire about my friend.  That could have been me, Larry Nelson #153377-44whatever. 

I remember in the heat of my separation, as my ex would bring her lover to church.  The pastor of all people told me to simply show up the next Sunday.  He never told me what it would do, but I already know.  Yes, he’s a true man of God, but he’s also human.  Maybe he wanted to see a live MMA event in the pews.   Maybe he wanted to see me go to jail, which is where I would have gone had I showed up.  Maybe he wanted to expose her openly and use me to do it.  Whatever the case may be, I would have lost my freedom for a LONG, LONG, LONG and I stress…..LONNNNNNNG TIME!

As I was being fingerprinted for my license to be renewed, they run an extensive background check.  It felt good to be one of the very few to be fingerprinted and immediately walk out.  So many others get fingerprinted, issued either an orange, navy blue or striped uniform to wear as you’re being processed into the system.  I dont say this to make light of the situation and to pretend to be better than anyone.  I’m just so thankful to God for allowing me to keep my sanity in 2005. 

I wasnt able to get on her visiting list.  Apparently, she was moved to another floor over a “disciplinary” situation.  As I left out of the Justice Center, through detectors and countless police I couldnt help but think of all my friend lost for reacting before thinking.  She’s looking at over 15 yrs in prison (not including over 2 yrs she’s already done awaiting trial) and I know she’ll eventually come home to nothing.  I hope and pray that we all can think before we react in every area of our lives. 

Marilyn doesn’t have that luxury to do so, but you do.

Pray for my friend Marilyn Cork.

Until next time,

Larry Nelson


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