Lord, would you please help me out?  Don’t know where to begin.                                            

I’ll start it off by telling you about my greatest friend.

We’ve been best of friends forever, since we were in 5th grade.

Even matching ponytails that Sunday we got saved.

But lately things are bothering me; I just can’t understand.

How I can live my life for you, while she has got a man.

Lord, I follow your blueprint of HE THAT FINDS A WIFE.

But the men, they pass me by.  I feel I have no life.

My best friend is having fun, she’s never without a date.

Yet I go to sleep alone, the pillow is my mate.

Marriage never comes my way; my soul is weak from tugging.

This is truly wearing me down, I’m saved but yet I’m struggling.

How long will my torture last?  She called me just to say:

“Girl, he took me to Six Flags!  We eat out everyday!”

Then proceeds to tell me all the private little things:

“When he strips to his boxer shorts, he dances for me and sings!”

“Then the passion takes it’s course!”  My heart begins to race.

“What about the Lord?” I said.  She hung up in my face.

Now she’s left the church for good, while I’m still all alone.

And every time I hear it ring, I make haste to my phone.

“Another bill collector call!”  I hang up as I cry.

Lord, I want a mate so bad, and Lord you know I try.

To run this race until the end, my soul is weak from tugging.

This is truly wearing me down.  I’m saved, but yet I’m struggling.

By Larry Nelson. 

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For Virtuous Women Only

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