Apple I Phone Gyms…..Coming Soon?

It seems as if everywhere I turn, someone is on a cellular phone. Whether it’s driving, on a bus, walking, jogging (headphones of course) and even while eating. While in college, I notice so many texting as the professors were giving their lectures. The many deceitful ways a student will go through to hide their smart phone and text as the lecture is going forth still amazes me today. When I got my first cell phone, I had to be taught how to text. Today, cellphones can shoot live stream videos across the world, send files, faxes, search the world wide web and is even a miniature computer.

As I watch the NBA as well as the NFL, I notice that most of the stadiums are corporation names on them such as the Edward Jones Dome for the St. Louis Rams and the Staples Center for the Los Angeles Laker and Clippers. The point I’m trying to make is this: I’ve notice that millions of juveniles spend countless hours on their smartphones with boyfriends, girlfriends, searching the net or just playing games and texting. This is all dandy, but those hours of non activity has made us a nation of people who have become overweight (ok, I’m a tad guilty). I’ve come up with the most creative idea: Since our youth has spent countless millions on cell phones for all of these cell phone providers and gained a few pounds in the process, why dont the cell phone providers begin to open up gyms all across the country as a way of saying thanks?

Now I know that may sound a tad silly, but think about it: Your child has gained 16 pounds within a year of laying around while playing on his or her phone. So why not have Sprint Gym, Smart Phone Sweat Box, Apple/Gold’s Gym, etc? Instead of the president and CEO of those companies receiving $50 million dollar bonuses at the expense of your wallet and your child’s health, why don’t they give back by opening up gyms for free? Bill Gates did it when he provided computer labs in virtually every library in America. (Although when 90% of the world’s computers are ran by your software, it doesn’t hurt your pocket one second.) The gym membership would be based on your which phone provider you’re with and how much you spend a month on extras like texting, pics and downloading music. You will have unlimited access to all the amenities the gym has to offer and best of all, it’s 100% free!

The benefits would be a blessing in disguise: Lower blood pressure and weight for our youth, becoming more athletic and higher self esteem for them. Now all we have to do is begin uniting as a nation and put pressure on the smartphone industry to open up gyms around the country for FREE for all children that own one of their phones. This way they will be giving back more than a rebate.

Thoughts from the mind of Larry Nelson
Blessings to you all….


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