Yet She Remained Silent

Ok, imagine you marry a man who goes from star quarterback in college to injured player who will never play another game again to born again Christian to pastor.  All of his ability to relate and win people over from football is now used in the pullpit.  The church is one of the fastest growing churches in Illinois, you are a respected First Lady and everyone adores you two.  But………

For some strange reason, a knock comes to your door one evening as one of his college team mates who is now a star running back for the Chicago Bears visits.  He is dipped in gold, driving the latest Ferrari and has two of the most beautiful women ever seen in this lifetime in his car waiting for him to come and take them to get some steak and shrimp.  The pastor, your husband, is now fantasizing about what his life would have been like had he stayed in football.  He is now town between his love for God and the ministry and his former life.  Haunted by those thoughts, he begins to visit his old classmate and current star running back.  As he visits the friends mansion, he now realizes that this is the life he desperately craves as he fornicates with one of the women there, who in turn becomes the pastor’s “secretary.”

To make a long story short, so much hell breaks loose at the church when “she” arrives that the First Lady has two options:  Open her mouth, which could possibly destroy the entire church.  Or………..remain silent.


The new novel by Larry Nelson.  Coming May 2013.


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