Writings for 2013…..

God has definitely blessed me for 2013 to get my writing on.
In 2012, my pastor encourage me to publish my first book: For Virtuous Women Only. It was (and is) a smash success. I’ve had about 4 book signings that were very successful. In fact, my book is in an independent bookstore now, and this year will be in various gas stations. (yes, I said it right) So much is on my plate, but I know without God, none of this would be possible. So this is what I have in store for 2013:

February: For Virtuous Women Only 2…From Dimes to Diamonds.
This is a follow up to my first book. I had so much material that I was able to do a 2nd book.

March: ReWrite This Love Letter.
This is a book of nothing but love poems from a man to a woman. Nothing raunchy or bad, but from the heart of a man to his queen. This book will be very exciting for me to do.

April: Yet She Remained Silent.
This will be my first novel as it goes into the life of a First Lady of a church as her husband goes deep into sin. Will she expose him, or remain……SILENT? This will definitely be a page turner.

May: The Part Time Christian.
That started out as a poem and will be converted into a book. But this will be a book that will be on a major label, not independently published.

June: I will fly out to New York City to present my writings to Simon & Schuster, the publishing house that publishes Stephen King and basically is the largest publishing house in America. If (WHEN) I get signed to them, my books will be on every shelf in Barnes N Noble in the United States.

July: Just like the Left Behind Series took over the Christian world in the late 90’s, I will begin putting together a 15 part book series that will change the way the World sees Jesus. And I do mean that in a more personal, respectable way. I will leave those titles a secret. But I will say this: They will combined sell over 700 million copies!

I ask you all to keep me in your prayers as I go into this market of creative writing.
Whatever I do, I promise you I will keep God first in my life, no matter what!
Be blessed

Larry Nelson


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