In the bible days when God wanted to speak to people, He use His people known as prophets to convey His word and whats about to happen.  Prophets could see disasters well before time.  They could see calamities right around the corner.  They could tell you what direction a war would go between each faction.  Don’t you wish you could have your own prophet like Kind David had with Nathan?  (I believe that’s his name)  Someone that could warn you about traps that may or may not come your way? 

As I review my life, I tend to think, “What if a prophet would have warned me about this or that?”  Well, we do have a prophet at our disposal, each and every one of us.  God has given us HIS word, which is “A lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.”  I say this to encourage myself because when things to haywire in my life, I am looking all around wondering how this and that happened, yet never thinking about opening up the bible and see what He has to say about it to me in His word.  Many times I have to go deep by thinking of the RED letters in the bible as the very words of the ONE who created Heavens, Earth, Stars, Galaxies and ME….!

I would encourage you all when life has a way of gripping you with strikes and disasters, simply open your bible and ask God to reveal His words to you as far as your circumstances and situations.  Even as I type this, I’m mostly speaking to myself.  There’s nothing wrong with bible apps to listen to on your phone.  Bible on CD’s and DVD’s to listen and view on television.  But there’s nothing like opening up one and reading it out loud, and having God speak to you. 

As I open my bible today, I pray Lord that you speak to me, give me clarity and understanding for my life.  No one knows Larry Nelson better than you do.  



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