Turning Back The Hands of Time

Recently, I lost a beautiful person that was nothing short of a friend to me.  No, it was not by death or accident.  I lost my friendship out of a misunderstanding.  You see, I was not trusting of her.  I honestly didnt know why she came into my life all of a suddent.  We’ve known each other since elementary and when she contact me for the first time, my guards were up.  A few texts and even hanging out became a pleasure, even though my guards were up. 

Finally after much thought, for one night my guards went down………as well as the friendship.  No, it was not sex, for those that are wondering.  It was simply a man putting his guards down.  When they went down for the first time, our friendship went out of the windown that same day.  I would love to do like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and click my heels (tennis shoes) 3 times and things would return to normal.  However, this is not fairytale world and my name isn’t Dorothy.  Its Larry.

To put it bluntly, if I could turn back the hands of time, I would keep my guards up, which in essence would save a wonderful friendship.  The day the guards went down, so did our friendship.  I miss you, my friend and just wanted to let you know through my blog that I love and cherish the brief fun we had.  You showed me a culture I didnt know exist.  You’re a phenomenal person, wonderul friend and someone I felt as if I could tell my heart to.  Whatever the case may be, I will work hard to regain your confidence and friendship again.

If I never hear your voice again, I say this now:  You’re simply the best!

God bless you and I love you,

Forever your friend,

Larry Nelson


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