Heaven or Hell

As I sit at my computer thinking over my life, I cannot help but thank God for His mercy and grace He’s shown me through the years.  When I think about the anger I had for my ex wife and her lover and how I wanted them both to die, God showed mercy.  As I think about how I actually began planning a murder (in my head, of course!) He had mercy.   Then I think about the many times I could have died in my sins.  But God stepped in.  I will forever give Him the praise.

I hope that all the readers will ponder and think about eternity as you read this.  I’m 38, and I know that when my heart stops, my soul has only 2 options.  I’m constantly hearing of people that are dying left and right.  Of course, I’m not walking around in fear of death.  But I am thinking about the fact that one day, my time will come.  I only care about making it into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Yeah, it sounds overly religious, but I have to make it in. 

I hope those who read this will keep in mind that eternity means just that, ETERNITY.   You can either spend it forever with the one who hung, bled and died for the sins of the entire World.  Or, you can be eternally burning in what the bible calls The Lake of Fire! 

Chose ye this day whom you will serve.

Love you,

Larry Nelson


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