Yesterday was one of the most trying times ever for me.  I did so much that after arriving home, all I could so was pass out.  For starters, I went to Clayton, Missouri to see an old friend name Marilyn Swain-Cork whose locked up in the County Jail there for Vehicular Assault, Attempted Murder and Destruction of Property.  Apparently she was suing her ex boyfriend in Civil Court over $100 to $400 dollars she loaned him.  He shows up there with new lady, she gets upset in parking lot and wham!  Everything was done in front of a police officer, so she has really no defense unless she plays the I-Just-Blanked-Out card in court.

I have not seen her in a few years, so when I went through the metal detectors, locking up personals in locker, emptying all pockets, (which made no sense since she’s behind glass) I was allowed to go to 4th floor of Justice Center there and start visit.  She comes out with a huge afro and has (according to her estimates) lost over 60 lbs.  I desperately tried to be upbeat and encourage her to attend church in there during chapel.  The surprising thing is what time she’s facing in prison (she’s already been there 2010) is she was so energetic, full of life, smiling etc.  I was almost at a loss for words. 

The visit lasted just 40 minutes, as I tried crackin’ jokes about how she lost weight as she pointed out the fact I havent missed many meals.  We talked abut her children, her job she lost since being incarcerated, her future plans and even her diet.  As I ended the visit with a cheerful goodbye, I walk to the elevator and made my way outside. 

Although this was just a visit, Marilyn made me realize that what I am going through out in the free world does not compare to what she’s going through.  In the risk of losing my job, investigations, etc.  Nothing I endure can compare to Marilyn’s situation.  I count it all joy that no matter what I face this day, week, month or year will pale in comparison to being in a dorm size room and made to do this and that, caged up like an animal.  In no way am I calling her an animal, but the situation is parallel to a dog pound.  Marilyn made my situation seem like an ant hill.  Marilyn made me view my personal problems as zero compared to her. 

My point in all of this is:  If SHE can smile under the stress of possibly going to prison for 15 years (plus the 2 plus she’s already done) then I should be able to smile at my circumstances. 

When my job is threathening to fire me over a lie:   SMILE

When I’ve been flat out lied on by someone I considered a friend:  SMILE

When I’m embarrased by what has been said about me:  SMILE

When it seems as if blessings are moving slow in my life:  SMILE

When all Hell is breaking loose all around me:  SMILE

Lord, no matter what may come my way, if Marilyn Swain-Cork can smile under the threat of going to prison for 15 to 24 yrs of her life (she’s already 53) then I refuse to EVER allow anyone or anything deter me from putting a SMILE on my face.

From this point on, whatever I go through, YOU will never know about it because when you see me, you’ll see my SMILE.

P.S.  I still have my job!

God bless,

Larry “SMILE” Nelson



























By Larry Nelson

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For Virtuous Women Only.

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Everyone took notice of the way he moved

His smile, his eyes and vibrant mood.

So many women in this church, you see

And of them all, his eyes are on me!

We exchange numbers and planned a date

In his new car he showed up at eight.

The movie played while he sipped coffee

He just couldn’t keep his eyes up off me.

He pulled to my house and stared at me

Said, “Can I trouble you for a cup of tea?”

He followed me in with a naughty face

I notice his eyes were below my waist.

What he said next almost made me shout

This is what came out of his mouth:

“Baby I confess, your spirit moves me

Lets us both go up to exstasy.”

“We’re both Christians; God understands

That we have needs, so take my hand.”

I look at him with tears in my eyes

“Don’t you know I’m someone’s prize!”

“I don’t sleep around, for God sees all

I won’t grieve His spirit; I will not fall.”

“Until I die, this will be said:

Her home contained an undefiled bed!”

By Larry Nelson

This inspirational writing, along with dozes more are in my new book:

For Virtuous Women Only.

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God bless you all and keep me in your prayers.


Serving God and living a Christian lifestyle can be very unorthodox.  In the world we live in, you’re taught to defeat your enemy at all costs.  But on the road of Christianity, you’re taught to love your enemies.  Then Jesus goes a step further and says…And BLESS those that curse you.  Ok, that’s enough Jesus.  But He goes even further.  AND do good to them which despitefully use you and persecute you.  Maybe if all I had to do was love my enemy, I would be off the hook.  But he adds conditions to the one you would clarify as an enemy.

In 1995, I was going through a separation/divorce.  To clear my head, I relocated to Gulfport, Mississippi.  My plan was to go there for 6 months, save up enough money and start chapter 2 of my life again.  Well, 6 months turned into just 3 days.  I took my mother’s best friend’s son with me.  He was “game” on moving, since he has no kids and not married himself.  I wanted a friendly face with me.  To make a long story short, he was fresh out of rehab for drugs and alcohol.  He being an adult, I ask him was it going to be a problem which he assured me it wasnt.  How wrong I was.

On the 3rd night, the hostess who we were staying with was gone to work.  I decided to clean the house.  She had two refrigerators in her home.  The first one was a double door refrigerator full of food and frozen food.  The second one shocked me.  As I opened it, from the top to the bottom was nothing short of about 90 to 110 bottles of beer!  When my friend, whom I brought with me saw it, something clicked inside of him.  Rehab went out of the window and mentally, he went into relapse.  But again, he assured me he was ok.  But his eyes told another story.  When the host came home, she got into a festive mood and began cooking, playing music and drinking.  She offered him a beer, and that was it.  Of course, I have never drank in my life, so it was not a temptation for me.  But a man who is fresh out of rehab for drugs and alcohol, this was his vice.

One of our host’s neighbors, who was a regular loudmouth thug, came by and was drinking with my friend.  To make a long story short, while I’m sitting there like a nerd (the only one not drunk or drinking) the neighbor begins talking about “bussin my head” and kicking my you know what.  He’s drunk, and I’m playing it off thinking the lady we’re staying with will say something.  She doesnt.  I’m expecting my friend to “have my back”……………he doesnt.  In fact, in his drunken state he tells the neighbor:  “Bust his head man!”  I was shocked!  I brought him here with me to start over, and now all I’m thinking about is fighting in Mississippi of all places!  Well, I had to use some street knowledge.  I didnt want a record with the police, didnt want to go to jail, but was not about to let some guy half drunk start whipping on me either.  But my so called friend is there, and he’s taking this guys side.  Drunk or not, my vision was to break his jaw, stomp him on a back street until………….well, that’s sin.  You know the rest.

I started playing it off to the neighbor by saying:  Aw man, lets forget this mess and drink some beer and smoke some weed.”  I was trying to speak his language and divert his attention off of trying to fight me.  All I wanted was to make my way to my truck and I was on my way back to Illinois.  I was gonna leave my friend there, and just figure out another plan once I got home. 

Once the neighbors attention was on more beer, I slipped out the door and made my way to my truck.  As I pulled off, the neighbor began throwing beer bottles at my car.  I was mad but safe.  Upset with drunken neighbor but hostile with my friend who encourage neighbor towards violence against me.  Drunk or not, I now saw him as an enemy.

Fast forward 2013.  My enemy is now sitting in the St. Clair County Jail for drug use and theft.  He’s never been to prison and is afraid.  My mother goes to see him twice a week in this crazy January weather we’re having and is faithful at answering his daily phone calls.  But he almost got me killed in Mississippi! LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.  But I could have come up dead and my mother wouldnt have known a thing.  LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.  But what if that drunken neighbor had stabbed or shot me?  LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. 

To love your enemies is an action word.  I have to show love by sending him an encouraging letter, even a small money order for deodorant, snacks and envelopes.  According to Jesus (this is how I interpret it) I would even have to go and visit him in jail.  One thing about it, when this life is over we are in eternity.  I dont want to be lost over hatred. 

God, I hereby release DeMario Isaac of all the hate and strife I had built up inside of me.  I love him and wish no harm comes his way.  I pray that he gives his life completely to you and peace overtake him in his life.  I decree now:  I have NO ENEMIES but the devil.  I hate NO MAN.  I will show the fruits of the spirit with LOVE being at the top of the list.  Thank you God, and may you grant Marlo (DeMario) a brighter day and a quick exit from jail.


Larry Nelson


The story of the Tin Man always fascinated me

For we have lived parallel lives, which you’re about to see.

Dorothy’s Tin Man had one wish:  To only have a heart

Let’s begin with my story, I’ll take it from the start.

Imagine you have not a friend so church is where you turn

Taking notes in Sunday School, for this is how you learn.

Making sure you’re never late while wearing your Sunday’s best

And when the teacher quizzes all, you will pass every test.

Seeing a brother from the church you ask him for his number

We can play some basketball before the end of Summer.

He gives it reluctantly, but never answers the phone

You are now catching the hint.  His wife say’s “He’s not home.”

Soon you hear disturbing news that takes your breath away

Rumor has it at your church that you’re openly gay!

Seeking friendship in the church sometimes come with a price

Even in the church at times you cannot be too nice.

Next you see one of the sisters as you pump your gas

She spoke first, then you replied.  It happened very fast.

Now the rumors spread around you want her as your wife!

Other sisters roll their eyes; the brothers are full of spite.

Judge my heart and you will see I want to just fit in

Judge my heart and you will see I’m here to break from sin!

So what about the Tin Man’s heart?  And did he reach his goal?

Ask me in a year from now.  My heart’s too broken to know.

By:  Larry Nelson

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God bless and keep me in your prayers.

Larry Nelson

????? WHO AM I ?????

I love to operate in church through any woman on man,

My goal is simply to cause your nature to rise, if I can.

Your race and creed to matter to me; I don’t discriminate,

I won’t look up til you look up and Hell’s forever your fate.

I start with women’s loneliness, then whisper in their ear,

“Girl, you know you need a man.”  I’ll say it sweet and dear.

Pondering all those many nights while sleeping alone in bed,

Praying you’ll have that blessed day in which you will be wed.

Then desperation starts to set.  Right then, I’ll attack the mind,

“If you don’t give him lovin’ now, you will be left behind.”

She’s now a lover, never a wife.  She’s hooked and full of shame,

Then I whisper in her ear:  “God’s the one to blame.”

With men, I give them wondering eyes, the windows to their soul,

With every woman that passes by, they glare with no control.

Then I sprinkle emotions in.  His body starts to react,

He soon becomes obsessed in sin.  I say this as a fact:

For years I’ve had a seat in church and I refuse to leave,

Most churches will not cast me out, this fact I can’t believe.

I’ve destroyed marriages, ruined preachers, I won’t give up this fight,

I’ve taken over people’s minds, then moved them out of sight!

I’ll give you a clue just who I am, I’m sure you already know,

Some describe me as “tainted love” but that statement is for show.

I love to whisper deep in your soul until your spirit bust,

The World has given me many names, but the church knows me as …..LUST!

By Larry Nelson.

This poem along with hundreds more are in my book:

For Virtuous Women Only.

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God bless and keep me in your prayers.


Last night I received a phone call from a sister in Christ that is a tremendous blessing to me.  You see, I have trust issues with people.  Sometimes people come into your life for a season, reason or just to test your faith in God.  Well this sister in Christ is a phenomenal person.  She’s not a deep spiritual person, for she can get a tad “ghetto” on you if the opportunity presented itself.  She can tell you like it is, which is why I sort of gravitate towards her strickly for advice.  You could say she’s somewhat a counself.

Last night she called me and told me out of the blue that she sees MILLIONS about to come my way from my gift of writing, AND she says others see it too.  I honestly didnt know what she meant by that.  She elaborated:  “You’re going through so much stuff because of the position God is setting you up to be in.  Trust me, if you think you’re catching it now, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!”  She began to tell me how she not only sees but hears things about me that are not only positive, but to ”Watch and Pray!”  In times like this, I tend to remain silent and allow wisdom and Godly counsel to speak through the individual.  I value her opinion not only as a Christian, but as a woman as well. 

She told me, “If you’ve only sold 1,500 copies and catching Hell in your relationships, what do you think when you’re signed to a major label and your books are selling millions?”  I told her I never thought of that.  She began telling me how she’s observant and keeps a listening ear as to whats going on with my writings.  She never heard any of it from me or Facebook, but from others.  I was surprised that I was even being discussed like that.  No, it was not bad chatter or something I’ve done wrong.  It was simply the chatter how people view me as the one that’s “got it.” 

As I listened for over an hour, I notice that not only was she describing how I’m viewed in other’s eyes, but she was also telling what SHE sees as in my immediate future:  Riches, Houses, Cars, Fame, etc.  Although I give God the praise for the gift of creative writing, I was honored she saw these things in me.  As we ended our conversation, I hung up with a smile on my face thinking of the possibilities.  My friend, telling me my destiny (as she sees it) and I beginning to do what I do best:  Write. 

Sometimes you can feel so down and out.  God has a way of using people you least expect to not only pick you up, but speak into your life as a mirror in a sense, showing you your destiny and purpose in life.  I thank my sister in Christ for not only sharing over an hour of my future destiny with me, but also her friendship. 

Until next time,

Larry Nelson